Monday, 21 August 2017


Here’s another blog for you! We aim to keep you updated on all things Kumbungu! This week I want to talk about FOOD. As we all know food is a very important factor in our daily lives. However, coming from the UK into the Ghanaian culture is not easy, the food is just one of the huge cultural differences I have faced. For example, luxuries are hard to find here in Kumbungu, or what I would call luxuries - things such as cake, chocolate and crisps! However, I have managed to find BISCUITS!. Our favourites within the office are shortcakes! Trust me when I say they don’t last very long around here, we eat them immediately. Within the office we often have discussions about the food we miss from home and this varies from fresh vegetables to pizza. 

The food I have tried so far includes TZ, banku, macaroni, fufu, yams, Rice balls, jollof rice, plain rice, a lot more rice and also I have found the food here to be quite spicy.  These typical Ghanaian dishes are often served with a soup to dip the dough into. My host family often laugh at me due to the fact I’m always asking for a spoon! It is common for Ghanaians to eat with their hands as they feel as though you can get a better taste from the food this is a cultural difference I have encountered as this is not how we do things in the UK. My favourite so far is a dish called macaroni! It is noodles in a spicy tomato sauce served with fried cheese. The fried cheese even has its own name! Wagashe! Another favourite within the office.

Image contains volunteers taking biscuits in the office. Picture taken by Naomi Stanesby
Written by: Hannah Bulleyment (UK Volunteer)
NFED - Kumbungu.

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